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Community Support Services 

What is Community Support Service?

This service can help your child with strategies and skills to increase their ability to live independently and access community resources. Comprehensive Community Support can promote inclusion, participation, independence, skill-building, and recovery from mental health disorders. Our role as a part of your team is to work with your child outside therapy sessions to focus on skill-building, support, and interventions that your child and your child's therapist have chosen to be on your treatment plan that will help you achieve your goals.

Who is eligible to receive these services?

Medicaid recipients who have a mental health disorder and need help with skill-building, crisis management skills and other behavior interventions outside of therapy sessions.

Who provides Comprehensive Community Support?

A community support Associate (CSA) is a member of your child's team who helps with the following components of Comprehensive Community Support services:

  • Assists your child in using skills they learn in therapy sessions.

  • Advocates for and assists your child in accessing and effectively using community resources.

  • Assists in activities of daily living such as having medication routines, schedules, budgeting skills, etc.

  • Assists in implementing emotion-regulation techniques learned in therapy

  • Helps manage crisis situations by teaching crisis coping-skills

  • Assists with developing or improving interpersonal skills…and more

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