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Callie Boone

Mental Health Counselor

Callie was born and raised in Campbellsville, where she attended Campbellsville University from 2017 to 2022 to obtain her BSW and MSW before pursuing her Kentucky CSW license in 2023. She is also considered visually impaired and received her first seeing eye dog named Fallon all the way from New York in 2017 as well. Aside from pursuing her education, she enjoys playing piano, listening to music, spending time with friends and family and most of all, being a dog Mom to Fallon and Finnegan!

How can you help KSC families live their best lives? 

I aspire to help kids and families learn more positive communication, operation and problem solving skills. I hope the kids I serve view me as a safe space, where they can be themselves and talk freely about the issues they may face, without judgment or ridicule. My biggest hope is that Fallon and I both can have a positive impact on the children and families that we serve for the long term. 

Callie Boone
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