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What is ABA

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an evidence-based discipline built on the science of learning and behavior. 
Simply put, the general goals of ABA are to:

  1. Decrease behaviors that are harmful or can affect learning.

  2. Increase behaviors that are desired.

We do this by incorporating a variety of evidence-based strategies throughout our treatment sessions

Evidence-based Strategies


Increases the likelihood that a behavior will happen again. ABA uses individualized motivators (rewards) to increase the likelihood that desired behavior will happen again.

Discrete trail training

Teaching new skills by breaking them down into smaller discrete components. 

Natural environment teaching 

Uses an individual's natural environment to teach, develop and maintain new skills. 

Functional communication training

Teaching meaningful and functional communication in a natural way that help individuals get their needs met on a daily basis (this may not be verbal; this could be through pictures cards, basic signs, etc.). 


Teaching a big task by teaching it first in small steps. 

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